Saturday, June 07, 2003

New Job

Spy called tonight. She is still enjoying the job, even though she still hates wine. Even more than that she hates the music that they play in the store -- Frank Sinatra every day. She absolutely hates Frank Sinatra, but they are supposed to play jazz and classical in the store during working hours (lends itself to the hoity-toity air of the whole environment). She wants to make a CD for work of jazz that she likes, like Dave Brubeck and Mel Torme, but she doesn't have a CD burner so I told her to come on by some night and we'll make a cool be-bop CD for her job and I'll show her how to work the Nero Burning Room, since she seems a little intimidated by the PC burning software.

I almost got violently ill at work today. I bent down to pick something up and when I stood back up again I thought I was gonna urp all over the info table. Tracy grabbed me and pulled me back into the break room and had me sit down and drink a Pepsi for awhile to settle my stomach. I was feeling kinda sick this morning, and came actually rather close to calling in, but I thought I'd feel better once I got to work. Other than that one close call, I was fine for most of the day. I don't know why I've been feeling like such crap lately, especially early to mid-afternoon. Later in the day I tend to feel a lot better.

I am apparently doing outstanding work at PM, though. I had four managers gush over me today telling me how kick ass I am, that they are getting tons of compliments from customers as well as co-workers. What a trip -- all last year I had zero confidence in myself and my work abilities at Fantasy and Wherehouse, and I tried so hard at those places. Now I hardly make any effort at all at PM and everyone tells me what a hard worker I am. Go figure.