Thursday, June 05, 2003

Now Playing: Sonny Sharrock Band with Pharoah Sanders, Live in Washington D.C. July 3, 1993

I was walking out of the rental office yesterday on my way to work when someone said "Hiiii, Melissa." I looked and it was Crystal, one of my managers from PM. I asked her if she lived in these apartments too and she said that she was looking to start renting there, and was just walking into the rental office to talk to them about it. I told her good luck and took off -- shit! -- I don't want anyone from work living so close to me, let alone in my own apartment complex, and the one who gives me a harder time than all the rest of them over there. Its true that she has lightened up on me a good deal since I've proven to her that I can work hard and have experience. But still, I just hate having people that I work with so close to my personal life. I like to keep business out of my privacy.


Anyway, Alara's two new Q fics -- however much she plans to expand on them -- have intriguing foundations. The first one, Similar Features, is a Star Trek/X-Men (the movie version) crossover that due to its brevity and lack of conclusion tells me that she does intend to come back to this and expand on it. Charles Xavier and Hank McCoy locate what they believe to be a mutant in LaBarre, France crying out for help, but turns out to be Q who appears to have somehow lost his link with the Continuum. Q was trying to find Picard in another timeline and ending up honing in on Xavier instead. Of course Xavier and McCoy have no idea who or what Q is, but Q is taken aback at how similar the professor's facial features are to Captain Jean-Luc Picard's. Q explains that, although he still has his powers, without the Continuum to draw energy from he will get weaker and weaker until out of some uncontrolable, involuntary reflex he will wind up grabbing at the next closest powerful energy source available, which would be the Earth's sun, wiping it out, and the Earth will be in jeopardy. The professor and McCoy vow to help Q with his predicament, as well as save the Earth from possible destruction.

The other story, Te Morituri Salutamus, is a follow up to It's Always Fun Until Someone Loses, which she recently revised to explain why in this situation Janeway and Co. couldn't catapult around the sun like Kirk and Co. did to go back in time (I admit I had never thought of that). So far in this story, Q is presumed dead after losing the war with the Continuum and Continuum has relegated all alien life forms to their home planets and solar systems, preventing them from leaving and exploring the galaxy. All hybrid aliens have been given a choice as to which side of their race they wished to favor and were made into that race and sent to their planet of origin. The populartion explosion in Earth's solar system is driving humans to madness, murder, and suicide, and Janeway is working with Annika (Seven Of Nine, now a full human) and Montgomery Scott to find a way to send a message into the past to either Q or Janeway or Picard or anyone who can stop this all from happening in the future. In this new segment, we are taken to the moment where Admiral James T. Kirk dies on the hillside after his battle with Soren, but is brought back to life by Q, dressed in a Revolutionary War uniform from Earth, carrying a musket. looking bloody and bruised. Q changes Kirk into his younger, fitter self and tells him that he needs his help. He says that the Continuum doesn't know now that Kirk is alive, so he will be able to move about a bit more freely than the other humans. Q is helpless against his people, but perhaps Kirk, with his infamous resourceful nature, can do something, since he is a free human now. Q's hopes are practically non-existent, but any ray of light couldn't hurt. Although he knows that he will never see them again, he tells Kirk that if he ever comes into contact with Picard or Janeway, tell them how much he (Q) is sorry.

I still need to read Hybrid Vigor, a Star Trek/Farscape crossover. I've just held off because I have never watched Farscape before so I am not familiar with the universe.