Sunday, June 01, 2003

Now Playing: "Heart Of The Sunrise" by Yes

Vance has gotten himself a serious case of ants in the pants this morning. He keeps logging on and off, like a man waiting anxiously for a very important e-mail. Whatsamata, ducks? Still waiting for new word on that new television show you're making for TNT? Please deliver us some good news for a change!

I just discovered that my old childhood friend Sheryl is 8 months pregnant. Wow, do I feel uninformed. My mother was showing me all these little baby clothes that she bought and I was looking at her like "Uh... who's having the baby, mom, cuz it sure ain't me." and she told me about Sheryl's pregnancy -- Sheryl who was once my best friend as a child, but whose mother is still my mom's best friend so she knows these things. Anyway, she's having a girl, and is naming her Ashby. I knew Sheryl always loved the name Ashleigh, but mom said she chose Ashby since Ashleigh is so common nowadays.